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Enhance the structure of nylon

Source: Posted On:2016-3-25 22:39:59
Reinforced nylon structure: nylon 6 for the polycaprolactam, nylon 66 and polyhexamethylene adipate. Nylon 66 is 12% harder than nylon 6, but in theory, the higher the hardness, the greater the brittleness of the fiber, making it easier to break. But in the use of carpets in this little difference can not be separated.
Cleaning and anti-fouling: the impact of these two properties is the shape of the fiber cross-section and after the anti-pollution treatment. And the strength and hardness of the fiber itself has little effect on cleaning and antifouling properties.
Melting point and elasticity: Nylon 6 has a melting point of 220C and nylon 66 has a melting point of 260C. However, the use of the carpet temperature conditions, this is not a difference. While the lower melting point makes nylon 6 and nylon 66 compared to better resilience, fatigue resistance and thermal stability.
Color fastness: color fastness is not a feature of nylon, nylon dye in the nylon itself rather than in the light fade.
Abrasion resistance and dust resistance: the United States Clemson University in Tampa International Airport, respectively, with BASF Zeftron500 nylon 6 carpet and DuPont Antron XL nylon 66 carpet for a two and a half years of experiments. The results show that BASF Zeftron 500 nylon is slightly better than DuPont Antron XL in terms of color retention and wear resistance. There is no difference in dust resistance between the two yarns.


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