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Retardant nylon, nylon wear, enhanced nylon, modified nylon environmental nylon applications

Source:http://www.cnjuncheng.net Posted On:2016-8-25 14:06:10

Retardant nylon, nylon wear, enhanced nylon, modified nylon environmental nylon applications

Nylon 66 is mainly used in automotive, machinery industry, electronic appliances, precision instruments and other fields. From the end-use perspective, the automotive industry accounted for the first nylon 66, electronic appliances accounted for second place. About 88% of the nylon 66 through injection molding processing into a variety of parts, about 12% of the nylon 66 by extrusion, blow molding and other processing into the corresponding products.

auto industry

As the nylon 66 excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, strength and ease of processing and so on, so in the automotive industry has been a large number of applications, now almost can be used for all parts of the car, such as engine parts, electrical parts and body parts . The engine parts include intake system and fuel system, such as engine cylinder head cover, throttle valve, air cleaner casing, air horn, vehicle air-condition hose, cooling fan and casing, water inlet pipe, brake oil tank and Irrigation cover, and so on. Body parts are: car fender, rear-view frame, bumper, dashboard, luggage rack, door handles, wiper frame, seat belt buckle ride, a variety of decorative pieces of the car and so on. Electrical appliances such as electric doors and windows, connectors, crisper, cable ties and so on.

Electronic and Electrical Appliances Industry

PA66 can produce electrical and electronic insulation parts, precision electronic instrument parts, electrical lighting equipment and electrical and electronic parts, can be used for the production of rice cookers, electric vacuum cleaners, high-frequency electronic food heaters. PA66 has excellent resistance to solder, widely used as junction boxes, switches and resistors and other production. Flame Retardant PA66 can be used for color TV wire clip, fixed clip and focus knob.


Train passenger car door handles, truck brake pads, etc. can be used PA66 production. Other such as insulation gaskets, baffle holders, turbines on ships, propeller shafts, auger propellers, plain bearings, etc., can also be made with PA66. High impact nylon 66 can also be made pipe clamp, plastic mold, radio control body and so on. Nylon 66 is usually used for the manufacture of low creep, non-corrosive nuts, bolts, screws, nozzles, etc .; reinforced nylon 66 for the production chain, conveyor belt, blades, gears, impeller and scaffolding.

other industry

Using the PA66 creep resistance and solvent resistance, it is possible to produce a range of daily necessities such as gas lighters and aerosol nozzles, sunglasses, combs, buttons, and the like molded with non-toughened nylon 66. Toughened nylon 66 for the manufacture of skates, skis parts, tennis racquet sets, windsurf connectors and other wear-resistant products. Fiberglass reinforced toughened nylon 66 is used in the production of bicycle wheels, shanks and stock.

In the furniture industry, often used nylon 66 manufacturing connections, decorations, drawer pulley, slide and so on. In addition, a large number of supplies and appliances are also directly to the nylon 66 to manufacture, such as: gears, blades, sewing machine cam, washing machine foot, some gasoline-powered machinery, such as lawn mower. Military, bayonet sheaths, sets of pieces and pieces of gunpowder and so on.

In the construction industry, PA66 for the production of escalator railings, automatic doors cross bar, window frames, door pulleys and so on. In the packaging industry, PA66 can be used to make film and multi-layer film, baking food containers. PA66 film oxygen permeability is small, with the function of preventing oxidation of the contents deterioration, and oil resistance, excellent low temperature impact resistance can be used for meat, ham, shrimp and other food packaging, market prospects.

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