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Preparation of low temperature impact resistant nylon resin

Source:http://www.cnjuncheng.net Posted On:2016-10-9 10:23:11
(PA) is the largest engineering plastics, it has a high strength, wear resistance, oil resistance, chemical corrosion, self-lubricating and so on, so get a wide range of applications.
  However, PA has low temperature and dry impact strength is low, brittle, high water absorption of the drawbacks, especially PA6. In order to meet the needs of industrial development, in recent years, PA6 modified to high impact, low water absorption and optimization of processing performance of the direction of research has become a widespread concern.
  Ruian Jun Cheng Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a unique silicon-oxygen skeleton structure of the organic - inorganic hybrid nanoparticles modified core shell-type impact modifier, using a unique formula and processing technology, the modifier and matrix nylon resin in situ The microstructural observation of the composites can make the toughening phase of the impact modifier to the nanometer scale evenly dispersed, at the same time the corresponding macroscopic mechanical properties are excellent, and the impact property reaches the super toughness level, especially at low temperature. Impact resistance.
  The modified nylon composites can greatly expand the application of nylon as an engineering plastic in the low temperature and toughness of the application of more demanding applications, and the cost of the modified method is relatively low, simple molding process can be used extrusion, injection molding, etc. The traditional molding method for processing, suitable for industrial application.
  Tensile strength: 45MPa; Thermal weight loss temperature: 395 ℃; Melt processing temperature: 220 (℃); Tensile strength at break: Lt; 0 & gt; C. Applications Low temperature impact of the use of engineering plastics, automotive components, electronic appliances, transportation, sports equipment, pipe fittings, tubing sheathing. Market Analysis Currently on the market lack of -20 ℃ below the impact of the use of engineering plastics, the market situation is quite broad. Benefit analysis Project investment 200 to 300 million. Cooperation mode Technology transfer.
Preparation of low temperature impact resistant nylon resin
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