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Reinforced nylon material description

Source: Posted On:2016-3-27 21:51:56
PA66, PA6, etc. can be used as the substrate, in the hot melt when the glass fiber by adding the co-extruded into, which also add stabilizer, compatibilizer, etc., so that the nylon material is also called the Canadian fiber material, Is conducive to the long-term use of the product. As the strength of nylon itself is not enough, by adding 10 - 30% of the fiber, to enhance its strength.
One is 30% strength is also recognized as the most appropriate ratio. Of course there are added to 40-50%, which is based on the specific requirements of different products, coupled with the appropriate formula, basically can be successful.
In addition, the addition of glass beads, calcium carbonate also has enhanced effect. But the habit is to add a glass fiber material called reinforced material.

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