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Development and Application of Automotive Nylon (PPA) Engineering Plastics

Source:http://www.cnjuncheng.net Posted On:2016-7-8 16:21:52

Development and Application of Polyamide (PA) Engineering Plastics for Automobile


  Nylon (PA) is an important universal engineering plastics varieties, production and consumption has long been the first home engineering plastics, automotive PA is the largest application market, the world's automotive lightweight and reduce the cost of the trend, the automotive components required high and low temperature capability, Oil resistance, chemical resistance, weatherability and certain mechanical properties, to achieve energy saving, improve speed, improve the appearance and comfort, reduce costs and many other goals.

  PA (mainly PA modified compounds) can meet these requirements, PA resin production plant, compound plant, processing plant (including mold factory) and the car factory to work together to develop improved performance and processability, The research and development work is very active and fruitful with the application of a variety of targeted blends, products and products, which are driving the development of the automotive and nylon engineering plastics industries.

  PA is widely used in automobiles

  Automotive is an important and rapidly growing market for plastics, PA has a good overall performance, low density, easy molding, design freedom, insulation, but also in the mold and assembly costs also have obvious advantages. PA is not only high tensile strength, excellent impact resistance and high heat distortion temperature, heat resistance, low coefficient of friction, wear resistance, self-lubricating, oil resistance, chemical resistance, and particularly suitable for glass fiber or other materials filled with enhanced Modification, enhance the material properties and grades to meet the final parts and customer needs.

  At present, a wide range of PA automobile products, such as radiator box, front grille, heater box, radiator blades, steering column cover, tail lampshade, adsorption cans, timing gear housings, fan blades, various gears, radiator water room, Air filter housing, intake manifold, control switch, intake duct, vacuum connection pipe, airbag, electrical instrument housing, wiper, pump impeller, bearings, bushings, valve seats, door handles, wheel covers, etc. , In short, involving the car engine parts, electrical components, body parts and airbags and other parts. The largest amount of parts under the hood of the automobile is due to the miniaturization and lightweight development of the automobile. The volume of the engine room is reduced and the temperature of the engine room is reduced. The lower parts of the hood are required to be more resistant to high temperatures, and the PA can be fully modified Claim. Industry analysts believe that the PA parts not only play a protective role, but also aesthetics.

  PA PA6 and PA66 amount of absolute first place, accounting for more than 90% of the total, the application in the car as well. In addition, PA11 and PA12 have good flexibility, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, low temperature toughness, wear resistance, water resistance and dimensional stability, in the automotive pipeline, brake pipe, brake pads, fuel tank Shell, hydraulic containers and other aspects of access to a wide range of applications, PA11 and PA12 is the main application areas.

  PA new grade and its application

  Automotive PA grades to modify the compound-based, filling, and enhance the use of large brands, as well as other resin alloys, EPDM or POE toughening and add various additives to improve and improve the flame retardant, lubricity, Heat resistance, wear resistance, water absorption, electrical properties and processing performance and other brands, in recent years more prominent new products to improve resin flow, heat resistance, flame retardant and functional new compound.

  High fluidity grades not only improve production efficiency and reduce processing costs, another important role is to improve the appearance of automotive parts and surface quality.

  High flow compounds

  The development of new materials for plastics is to improve performance, reduce costs and benefit the environment (including the use of biological resources and recyclability). Reducing costs has always been the goal of raw material factories and users. Some large PA manufacturers have introduced rapid prototyping PA grades to shorten molding time, reduce processing and total production costs without reducing performance. The company introduced semi-crystalline PA It is considered an epoch-making nylon with a unique polymerisation and compounding technique. The new PA is a highly branched, non-linear structure like a star with excellent processability and excellent appearance, especially glass-reinforced and inorganic The filling grade has a much better fluidity than the PA6-based compound, with a 30% lower injection pressure and a 10% reduction in molding time and a significant drop in molding temperature. The clamping force of the injection molding machine can be reduced by half, Europe has increasingly been used to make large plate components, there are more than 15 kinds of applications, including car hood, intake manifold, fuel tank lining, distributor and decorative pieces.

  Heat resistance PA

  As a large number of applications of engineering plastics, improve heat resistance is always the goal of the production plant and users. PA further penetration into the automotive market is the driving force to develop a new generation of resin positioned under the hood of the car to maintain high rigidity, high toughness while improving heat resistance and mobility, semi-aromatic nylon (PA9T, poly-xylene Acyl 1,9 nonanediamine is a representative practical heat-resistant PA, and PPA is also a semi-aromatic nylon resin.


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