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Retardant nylon, nylon wear-resistant, reinforced nylon, modified nylon plastic consumption structure-PA

Source:http://www.cnjuncheng.net Posted On:2016-8-12 10:34:16
Retardant nylon, nylon wear, nylon reinforced, modified nylon engineering plastics PA has excellent performance, by filling, strengthening, toughening, flame retardant, such as modified its performance can be further improved, are widely used in automotive, electrical and electronic , Packaging, machinery, furniture, building materials, sports and leisure goods, daily necessities, toys and other industries. The automotive industry is the largest user of PA, followed by the electrical and electronic industry, of course, the consumption structure of different countries. The consumption structure of PA in the United States, Europe and Japan in 1999 is shown in Table 4. As can be seen from Table 4, Japan's film share (mainly PA6) than in other countries and regions, while the European electrical and electronic industry, the proportion of the total amount of PA is relatively high.
Table 41 Consumption structure of PA resin (Unit: ten thousand tons)
Project United States Europe Japan
Car 18.3 21.9 8.2
Electronic and Electrical Appliances 4.1 11.5 2.5
Industry 3.7 3.9 1.9
Other 9.3 14.7 3.5
Total 41.5 58 21.6
In 2000, the market share of PA engineering plastics in Western Europe was 31% for automobiles, 21% for electronics, 11% for packaging, 11% for consumer goods, 7% for machinery, 6% for construction and 5% for sports and leisure.
In 2001, the consumption structure of PA resins in Japan was 37% for automobiles, 23% for electronics, 10% for industrial crystals, and 30% for other (monofilament, film, wire and cable).
Although the data from different sources are also different, but the car is the largest consumer market PA is no doubt that the PA alloy and blending materials, the largest application of the industry is the automotive industry. For decades, PA has successfully replaced metal for automotive interior parts, exterior parts, body parts and under the hood.
For energy saving, developed countries have already begun to speed up the vehicle lightweight, plastic pace, and the amount of plastic per vehicle as a sign of modernization and technological progress, and some models have more than 20ke per vehicle, such as BMW Of the BMW328i car each with engineering plastics 162ke, accounting for 11.6% of the total vehicle weight, of which PA dosage of 21.8kg, which can also be said that the automotive industry is the development of engineering plastics industry one of the main driving force.
PA has a balance of mechanical properties, good thermal properties and flame retardant, can withstand the long-term electrical and electronic equipment requirements for the production of a variety of switches, gears, household appliances parts, electronic facilities, large automotive electronic connectors, wiring head And manual power tool components.
PA single-layer film and other plastic multi-layer film and containers, can be packaged meat, sausage, cheese, peanuts, fish, liquid food, can extend the shelf life of goods.
The PA6 consumption structure in the world in 2001 is 34% for automobiles, 8% for electronics, 18% for machinery, 30% for monofilaments and films, and 10% for PA66; 50% for automobiles, 30% for electronics, 'Q. Thus, the two main PA consumer market is different.

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