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Jun Cheng plastic 2016 Mid-Autumn Festival holiday notice

Source: Posted On:2016-9-15 22:01:11
Jun Cheng plastic 2016 Mid-Autumn Festival holiday notice
 Jun Cheng plastic 2016 Mid-Autumn Festival holiday notice
  Various departments and employees:
  According to the "Office of the State Council announced the arrangements for the holiday in 2016," Mid-Autumn Festival in 2016 around the corner, in order to facilitate the company colleagues to arrange work and life ahead of schedule, according to the State Council General Office of the spirit of the notice and the company's welfare policy will Mid-Autumn Festival " The notification is as follows:
  First, the company on September 15 (Thursday) (national holidays) - September 17 (Saturday), a total of 3 days off.
Jun Cheng plastic 2016 Mid-Autumn Festival holiday notice
  Second, September 18 (Sunday) to work as usual.
  Third, the sales department, functional departments do a good job before the security check, to ensure the safety of property companies.
  1, the head of the department in charge of the organization ahead of the holiday security check, close the gate, lock doors and windows, and do fire prevention, security and other security precautions, guard against accidents.
  2, is expected during the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, No. 14 Typhoon "Moranti" will affect China's southeast coast of Guangdong, Fujian and other places.
  3, during the holidays need to go out of staff attention to safety protection, to avoid accidents.
  4, please do a good job staff holiday schedule, no special circumstances before and after the holiday will not leave.
  Mid-Autumn Festival, wish all the staff family reunion, happy holidays!
                                                                                  Ruian Jun Cheng Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is hereby notified
                                                                                                                                                   September 15, 2016

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