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Enhance the characteristics of nylon pa6

Source:http://www.cnjuncheng.net Posted On:2016-9-22 15:56:13
The enhanced physical and chemical properties of nylon pa6 are similar to that of pa66, however, its melting point is lower and the process temperature range is wide. Its impact resistance and anti-solubility is better than pa66, but the hygroscopicity is also stronger. Because many of the quality characteristics of plastic parts to be received by the impact of moisture absorption, so the use of enhanced nylon pa6 design products to fully consider this point. In order to improve the mechanical properties of the reinforced nylon pa6, a variety of modifiers are often added.
Glass fiber is the most common additives, sometimes in order to improve the impact resistance is also added synthetic rubber, such as EPDM and SBR and so on. For products with no additives, the shrinkage of nylon pa6 is increased by between 1% and 1.5%. Glass fiber additives can reduce shrinkage to 0.3% (but slightly higher in the direction perpendicular to the flow). Reinforced nylon pa6 molding shrinkage of the assembly is mainly affected by the degree of crystallinity and moisture absorption. Enhance the actual shrinkage of nylon pa6 and plastic parts design, wall thickness and other process parameters into.
Enhance the advantages of nylon pa6:
1, enhanced nylon pa6 with high tensile strength;
2, enhanced resistance to tough nylon pa6, impact resistance Te You;
3, enhanced nylon self-lubricating pa6, good wear resistance, excellent chemical resistance;
4, enhance the low-temperature characteristics of nylon pa6 good;
5, enhanced nylon pa6 with self-extinguishing;
Strengthen the use of nylon pa6: mechanical, instrumentation, automotive parts, electrical and electronic, railway, home appliances, telecommunications, textile machinery, sports and leisure goods, tubing, fuel tanks and some precision engineering products.
Enhance the characteristics of nylon pa6
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