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PA6 wear-resistant nylon species

Source:http://www.cnjuncheng.net Posted On:2016-9-22 16:01:49
PA6 wear-resistant nylon types: currently on the market are commonly used in the extrusion of nylon panels are the following:
Nylon 6 (White)
  1: Nylon 6 (white): The material has the most comprehensive performance, including mechanical strength, stiffness, toughness, mechanical shock absorption and wear resistance. These properties, combined with good electrical insulating properties and chemical resistance, make nylon 6 a "universal grade" material for the manufacture of mechanical structural parts and serviceable parts.
 Nylon 66 (cream color)
  2: Nylon 66 (cream): Compared with nylon 6, its mechanical strength, stiffness, heat and wear resistance, creep resistance better, but the impact strength and mechanical shock absorption performance is very suitable for automatic lathes Machining.
Nylon 4.6 (reddish brown)
  3: Nylon 4.6 (reddish brown): Compared with ordinary nylon, nylon 4.6 is characterized by strong retention of rigid, good creep resistance in a wide temperature range, more heat aging, therefore, nylon 4.6 for Nylon 6, Nylon 66, POM and PET (80-150 ° C) in stiffness, creep resistance, heat aging resistance, fatigue strength and abrasion resistance.
Nylon 66 + GF30 (Black)
  4: Nylon 66 + GF30 (black): Compared with pure nylon 66, this nylon filled with 30% glass fiber reinforced, heat resistance, strength, stiffness. Creep resistance and dimensional stability, wear resistance and other properties have improved, and its maximum allowable use of high temperature.
Nylon 66 + MOS2 (Gray Black)
  5: nylon 66 + MOS2 (gray black): This nylon filled with molybdenum disulfide, compared with nylon 66, its rigidity, hardness and dimensional stability has increased, but the impact strength decreased, molybdenum disulfide Of the grain-forming effect to improve the crystal structure, the material load and wear resistance are improved.
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